At MFW, with everything we do, we strive to advocate for the interests of those we work with and those we work for.

To accomplish this, we have created a company founded on the principle of empathy, where the needs of our producers, our customers, and our employees are always put first since without them, we have nothing.

We work for the producers we believe in, producers that strive to make real, terroir-driven wines, serving as their megaphone to the market so they can continue to make their products for the long-term.

We work with our customers, trying to understand their needs, and offering products that they feel inspired to sell so they may continue to have a viable business.

We work with our employees, helping them pass on these guiding principals to those that share our beliefs, so they can achieve success, as we are their partners in mutually successful endeavors.

MFW currently operates in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. You can also find some of our producers in Arizona, Maine, Oregon, and Rhode Island through our local distributor partners.