Elian DA ROS

Historically, the region around Marmande has been more famous for tomatoes than for wine, but Elian Da Ros might change all that. Returning to his native town of Cocumont in 1998, Elian constructed a simple winery and took the daring step of being the first winemaker to produce and bottle his own wine under the Côtes du Marmandais AOP. Crafting superb, biodynamic wines from Bordeaux varieties as well as the local Abouriou,  Elian is one of those French vignerons that is universally respected by just about every other vigneron you talk with, regardless of their views on agriculture and winemaking. These are some of the purest expressions of the limestone and gravel soils of the region, and display tremendous elegance and finesse, even when working with grape varieties more famous for their masculinity and strength.