Sorelle Palazzi

The Palazzi sisters started their winery in 1973 in the heart of the Pisan Hills (Colline Pisane), between Pisa and Volterra. The estate is now under the control of the sisters’ nephew, Guido, who recently received his degree in enology and agronomy. Of the 24ha here, 11ha are vineyards, 9ha are olive groves (both certified organic), with the remaining part being forest and the agriturismo. The surrounding woods and shrubs provide an excellent ecosystem for these charming and earthy wines. The soils here are mostly clay with sand and chalk, and the temperature is tempered by the proximity to the sea, making for softer, less incisive tannins than you’d usually find in Chianti Classicos. All this means that the wine works really well for all those dishes that aren’t heavy but aren’t really light either – such as Cornish hens. The cellar is really a large garage with the old cement tanks from the '50s being used for the Sangiovese bottling and the Chianti; the Riserva gets some large wood botti. The only small wood to be found is the chestnut and cherry for the Vin Santo. All fermentations here are spontaneous.