Daterra Viticultores

For almost a decade, Laura Lorenzo was the winemaker and viticulturist at the venerable Dominio do Bibei, a pioneering producer of fine wine in Quiroga-Bibei, the furthest southeast subzone of Ribeira Sacra. In 2014, Laura decided to strike out on her own, and with the help of her chef/artist partner, Álvaro Dominguez, she formed Daterra Viticultores. Laura has pieced together 4.5ha of rented and owned vineyards with the majority of the parcels home to 80-120 year-old bush vines. The landscape is rugged and sparse, with steep terraced and unterraced vineyards overlooking the Bibei, Jares, and Navea rivers. Granite is the dominant soil type, complemented by slate, clay, gneiss, and sand. There are many grapes planted here not often seen in other parts of Ribeira Sacra or Galicia, such as Mouraton and Colgadeira. Her goal in the vineyards is to nurture life in the soils that have been decimated by years of industrial agriculture, to create a healthy and thriving ecosystem for her old bush vines. All work is carried out manually and organically, with some biodynamic preparations utilized. In the winery, Laura’s winemaking is decidedly low tech and non-interventionist. She ferments with native yeasts, uses older wooden casks and concrete vessels for fermentation and élevage, and works with only small amounts of sulfur. The wine is moved by gravity whenever possible, and the wines are not fined or filtered.