Cyril Zangs

After a career as a book sales rep in Paris, Cyril Zangs decided to go back to his native Normandy with his family and started making cider. All of his ciders come from organically grown apples, about 70 different varieties in total, some of which have yet to be identified, and are picked from the tree by hand, not from the floor where they already started the process of rotting. Zangs tells us the idea is to have apples that are sweet, bittersweet, and tartly acidic to balance everything out, instead of some growers who have switched to a mono-cépage where single flavors (usually sweet) can dominate. After harvest, Cyril puts his apples through greniers, or aging in an attic, for one or two months depending on the year, an old practice that gives the resulting cider much more depth of both color and flavor. After the greniers aging, the apples are crushed, pressed off, and transferred to stainless steel tanks where fermentation starts naturally. The cider is then bottled while still fermenting and aged in pupitres for up to a year, with no filtering and no sulfur added. For those of you accustomed to sweet cider, this is going to be a new experience. This is a dry, age worthy (hence, the vintage dating), fuller bodied cider.