By day, Dan Rinke is the winemaker and vineyard manager at the biodynamic Johan Vineyards. But Rinke's labor of love is Art+Science, where he has been crafting tiny-production wine and natural cider since 2011. Dan is the "science" part of the equation, taking care of production and farming, while his artist wife Kim Hamblin fashions the evocative cut-paper art that adorns each bottle, all done at Roshambo Art Farm – their rock quarry, music venue, and working farm. Dan's leading philosophy is one of respect, utilizing organic and biodynamic farming principles, eliminating synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides, and using only their own cow manure and biodynamic preparations made from plants growing on the property. The same philosophies that are used in the vineyards are also applied in the winery, where the only addition during the winemaking process is a small amount of sulfur, and only right before bottling. Since 2013, Dan and Kim have also begun foraging for old, unsprayed, wild apples, pears, and quince in the western side of the Willamette Valley, making some of the most exciting, complex renditions of natural cider and perry in the States today.